An eye for color is something you can Grow and Develop

An eye for color is something you can Grow and Develop

I teach workshops all over the country and I've noticed so many of my students struggling with -- color. Most quilters haven't taken a ton of art classes and, in turn, often lack confidence in their color sense, which makes fabric selection tricky! We get in color ruts, going back to the same few colors over and over, or we only feel comfortable making quilts from a kit, jelly roll, or a single fabric collection.

Fortunately having an "eye for color" is not just something you are born with -- it is something you can develop!  

Now, if you've ever taken one of my classes (or played me in a game of Clue), you know that I treat rules as ... suggestions. Picasso famously said, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

My goal, then, is not to hand you a bunch of rules and rigid formulas for fabric selection, but rather, to give you a firm foundation in understanding how color works, then provide tools, strategies, and practices for developing your "eye for color".

You'll go from a place of wondering, "Hmmm... do these prints go together? Something seems off, but I'm not quite sure what..." to approaching fabric selection with confidence, joy, and playfulness: Confidence in knowing what you've selected looks good because you understand color theory and have trained your eye for color harmony; The joy, pleasure, and delight that comes from pulling that palette that makes you ache a little and dance around; And playfulness in trying new things, and getting out of color ruts.

Let's play with this delicious medium we have-- fabric. And the primary tool in fabric's arsenal -- color! 

So let us start this journey of exploration and play.

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