Animal Quilts -- Inspiration Gallery

Animal Quilts -- Inspiration Gallery

One of my favorite types of designs to include in my quilts are ANIMALS!!

I make a lot of baby quilts, and animals are of course, perfect and so fun for a baby quilt.

I've made this deer bust quilt for several babies who have hunters for dads! It also makes a great wall hanging or gift for the man in your life!

All of my patterns include multiple sizes, and this little menagerie of animals are all made in size small. How fun would it be to ask your child/grandchild their favorite animals, and make them all into a little zoo!

A fun animal applique piece is great to slap on a simply pieced quilt top. Do you have any tops you've pieced in the past but have never gotten around to quilting? Maybe add an applique piece to give it a whole new life!

These simple shapes make trying out my Scrappy Applique technique super easy, and make for such sweet wall hangings. 


All my patterns come in multiple sizes, this is the mini! Perfect for mug rugs and tea towels. 


Or choose one large animal for the whole quilt! This lion is the medium size, and I placed him on a textured solid cream background. 


How adorable is this tablet/computer case?! Find the tutorial for it here.  


I designed all the animals to not look "childish" so they can be given to adults or grow with your kids.


The size small template is perfect for a quick, craft size project like this tote bag or a pillow!


This sweet girl is now 3 and still dragging around her "birdie" quilt! :)


I have dozens of different Scrappy Applique animal patterns to choose from. You can find my Printed Patterns, here . Or look through the PDF Patterns, here.  


I'd love to hear from you! What animals do you think would be fun to turn into a quilt? Leave a comment below. 


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Do you have a pattern of a Black Panther? Thank you


Do you have a pattern of a Black Panther? Thank you


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