Create Your Own Inspiration Journal or Moodboard!

Create Your Own Inspiration Journal or Moodboard!

 Do you feel like you're in a "rut", creatively? Do you feel a little lack-luster, overwhelmed, or uninspired?

If so, I've made something just for you: Awaken Your Creativity. This is a series of articles, each of which, explores an idea and/or practice you can adopt and incorporate into your creative life right away to get out of a creative rut and start overflowing with inspiration & ideas.

Awaken Your Creativity Series:

  1. Put Yourself in the Way of Beautyhow to put yourself in the right place and frame of mind for ideas to flow in!
  2. Capture Ideas as they Come: what to do with those ideas so you can use them later!
  3. Coming soon!
  4. Coming soon!
  5. Coming soon!

When the Muse Visits

Whenever even a sliver of an idea comes to you, be sure to capture that.

I get asked a lot, how do you come up with all of these ideas? Well I stay open and am always on the lookout for inspiration, and whenever it strikes, I write it down!

I used to think, oh I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember. 

But I almost never could.

Ideas can be like dreams in that way. A half an hour after you’ve woken up and gone about your day, most of that crazy dream you just had is gone.

You and I live in an incredibly beautiful world filled with stunning vistas, interesting people, and amazing art. Inspiration is everywhere, and it’s our jobs as creatives, as artists, to remain open to that inspiration and use it in our work. 

How can we remember those things that lit us up so that we can use it later on in our studio?  

We need a way to capture it!


Capturing Ideas

Make a vessel to fill with inspiration-- capture inspiration as it comes.

If you’re a pen and paper kind of person, you can have a journal or sketchbook where you keep ideas, sketches, you can glue in pages from magazines that you’ve torn off or printed from the internet. You can snap a photo of your source of inspiration, print it off and glue it in.

Maybe a corkboard in your studio is where you pin up all your inspiration (we call these moodboards).

If you’re more of a digital person, Evernote or Pinterest are great ways of storing inspiration.

Find whatever works for you-- it may be a combination of things.

I have a few different vessels: I have a journal for journaling, a sketchbook for sketching out ideas, Pinterest boards for when I find ideas online, a folder on my phone for all the photos I take of things that are inspiring me, as well as digital notebooks in Evernote where I keep all my ideas.

Whatever it is that works for you-- you just need a way of capturing and storing inspiration so you can go back to it later.


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I'd love to hear from you! What lights you up? Where do you go for inspiration? Leave a comment below!

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