Choosing Fabric Palettes that Reflect your Uniqueness

Choosing Fabric Palettes that Reflect your Uniqueness

How you see the world is 100% unique.

You are the only person in all of human history with your very particular collection of experiences, influences, and characteristics. No one has seen the particular landscapes you've seen and read all the same books you have, and have had all the same relationships you've had.

And it's because of this that there are things to be made that only you can make.

As quilters, each quilt we make, whether we realize it or not, is a result of those experiences. Maybe pastels make you feel excited and happy because you went to the south of France for your honeymoon, and the pastel buildings were so memorable.

Maybe you grew up in Arizona and are able to see 54 different shades in a dessert landscape. Maybe you live in chilly New York so you can't get enough of that exotic palm tree motif.

Even quilts made from precut fabrics or kits are a result of those experiences that make you you. Maybe the fabrics in that jelly roll all have red in them which always makes you think of your mother, since that was her favorite color. Or that fat quarter bundle of florals just delights your gardener's heart.

Whatever it is that totally delights you, that makes you ache (that good kind of ache) and want to dance around -- pay attention to it. Inspiration Boards -- Color Series-6 Find the Deer Quilt Pattern, here.

This palette is a good example of a split complementary palette, but was inspired by blue skies, the many greens in a forest, and brightly colored buildings.

Here is a quilt that I made using this palette. It's my interpretation, yours would likely be completely different because you are a totally different human than me. Want to save this palette for future inspiration? Download it here or pin it!

I'd love to hear from you! What colors or color palettes are significant to you? Leave a comment below :)Click here to get your free printable color wheel

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