Color Inspiration: Blue, Mint, Orange, Magenta

Color Inspiration: Blue, Mint, Orange, Magenta

Here is a little color palette inspiration for you! The quilt is made up of all Northcott Solids, but for the fabric pull below, I included some prints so you could see how prints would look in this palette too. Orange and blue are opposite one another on the color wheel, so they go together beautifully, but I wanted to make this palette more dynamic, so I added in some neighboring colors --mints and pinks.

I think the bright orangey-red and magenta work in this palette because I included some lighter and duller pinks too. Playing with value (darkness/lightness) and saturation (brightness/dullness) can make just about any colors work together. That dull pink also has a hint of orange in it, so that helps it to go nicely with the reddish-orange. (Also, that bright cerulean blue is one of my favorite shades lately!)

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Somewhere on this site a saw on of the patterns a person had used to make a mountain and then had hand stitched star to the background fabric, while I don’t want to do that I would like the pattern for the mountain. I have spent a lot of time going through all the site and can’t find it anywhere. Can you please please help me.

Patti A

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