How to Create a Dynamic Color Palette for your next Quilt

How to Create a Dynamic Color Palette for your next Quilt

I wanted to share my thought process behind the fabric selection for my recent quilt, GLOBE. I often want to include both warm and cool colors in a quilt to create a really dynamic palette. There are lot's of different ways you can do that (see some of the linked articles below to find more ideas.)
For this quilt, I wanted to use a range of colors that were opposite one another on the color wheel. 
Check out the wheel below to see what I mean. So I included colors that ranged on the wheel from green to blue, so that included green, aqua, turquoise, and blue. Then I went to the opposite color range on the color wheel for my warm colors, choosing colors that ranged from orange-yellow to magenta: orange-yellow, orange, red, and magenta. 
This is a great method to create a dynamic and balanced color palette. You could use this same trick for any color range on the wheel, so you could rotate and have turquoise through purple + yellow-green through orange, for example. Grab my free Color Wheel, here.  
Since the land masses were so saturated, I chose a bright white for the background and binding to best show off the vibrant globe.
This is the newest Scrappy Appliqué pattern, GLOBE, and it is really fun and quick to make. It looks way more challenging than it actually is! GLOBE includes 4 different views of the planet, each in 3 different sizes, so there are a lot of project possibilities!
Learn more about GLOBE and see more quilt samples, here
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