Color Inspiration: Orange and Mint

Color Inspiration: Orange and Mint

Here is a little color palette inspiration for you! When choosing fabric for this quilt (made from my fabric collection, Dryad), I chose a bunch of different shades of orange, including a more yellowy-orange, that rusty-orange, and the orange-red. I then added pops of mint as well as black and white accents. Notice I used the black/white accent fabric as the binding too. I like to use an accent fabric as binding sometimes -- I think it creates balance and cohesion.

I love jumping to the other side of the color wheel for my pops of color. You can find the bear pattern, here. Happy sewing!  

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I'd love to hear from you! Do you have any go-to color combinations??

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I will be seeing your tonight at Cotton Patch quilt guild. I’ve been following your Applique and color lectures on line and am looking forward to hearing you tonight.

Joan Garland

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