Custom Baby Quilt -- Lochlan's Universe (one of my favorites!)

I'm super in love with this recent baby quilt I made for a client. It's called "Lochlan's Universe" and is a combination of hand embroidery and appliqué. It is one of my favorite custom quilts I've made yet!
Lochlan's Universe-2
The constellations are all embroidered by hand in the quilt top. I used Haptic Lab's star map pattern for this. Included are all the major constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. I love the idea of Lochlan sitting with his quilt in his lap, and using it to identify the constellations above him.
Lochlan's Universe-3
Lochlan's Universe-4
Lochlan's Universe-5
Lochlan's Universe-6
I made the mountain from a silhouette of Mt. Rainier (one of Lochlan's parents' favorite spots), creating the appliqué piece using my Scrappy Appliqué technique. Lochlan's Universe-7 I decided to quilt it using a super simple back and forth meander-- I didn't want the quilting to take away from the embroidery.
Lochlan's Universe-8
Lochlan's Universe-9
I loved incorporating the embroidery in this project and have big plans for doing so more in the future!
Lochlan's Universe-7
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  • Hi, Shannon,
    My Daughter has asked me to make her a quilt for my two year old grandson. She wants in very soft in colors, blues, grays, creams but NOT a lot of colors ( think minimalist, that’s her style) I have just discovered your Scrappy Bits appliqué and thought it would be perfect.
    They live in Tacoma Washington and their favorite view in Mount Rainier, so I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see that you have made one!!
    I noticed that the last reply was from 2017. Have you added the Mount Rainier pattern to the library? Or plan to anytime soon? :)
    Thank you for all your amazing workshops. I’m definitely feeling more confident the more of them I watch.

  • Very nice. It will be treasured for a long time.

  • Hi Jane! The instructions were really nice — it doesn’t go through a lot of hand quilting techniques, but those can easily be found online. You are stitching through stabilizer, and yes, the pattern is intended to be the quilting, but I just did it for embroidering the top, then did a super simple quilting pattern. The back would look reversed, of course, and as long as you hide your tails and knots inside the quilt, it would look good. I think if I were to use the pattern for quilting, I might only have the words be on the top, rather than through all the layers. It was a really fun project, you should give it a try! Thanks for stopping by!

    Shannon Brinkley

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