Custom Quilts

I love, love, love creating custom quilts for creative clients. I have one  client for whom I've made three pieces now, and I love how she gives me her broad vision and then freedom to work out the details. Here are the pieces I've made for her.

Tree of Life Quilt.

I am really happy with how this one turned out. I sketched the tree free-handed and collaged hundreds of pieces of fabric to form this dense tree.

The quilt was a gift for a friend, but she asked I make a duplicate wall hanging for her with a quote that is meaningful to her. Notice the slight differences in the trees, as I drew each one separately.

This was the first quilt I made for her. I got to use a lot of really gorgeous batiks in this one.

I really like text on quilts.

This one was given to her friend as a baby shower gift. I've made this one with a kite and dog before, but it was a lot of fun putting this sweet triceratops in a park!


I love making these swirling suns! So much fun.


If you've visited my shop, you know that I love trees. A lot.
Thanks for visiting!
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