Easiest Appliqué -- the "Magic Design Transfer" method

Easiest Appliqué -- the "Magic Design Transfer" method

This is my FAVORITE way to do simple, raw-edge appliqué. It is super fast, totally simple, and you will never have to reverse your image again! Take your appliqué design from paper to fabric in seconds without the hassle and confusion of reversing your image.

This was from my recent appearance on Creative Living with Sheryl Borden. I had a ball on set with her, she's been on the air since the 70's and is a totally pro. Grab your free copy of the Lettering Appliqué Pattern seen in the video, and make your own project using whatever word(s) you like!

Get Your Free Lettering Pattern Here 

How would you use this pattern? Did any ideas spring to mind during the video?

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You’re so welcome! Happy Easter to you too!

Shannon Brinkley

I do too — glad you enjoyed it!

Shannon Brinkley

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