Mosaic Elephant Quilt

Mosaic Elephant Quilt

I'm delighted to introduce you to this sweet fellow. He's my most recent finish and is currently on his way to a toddler in San Francisco!

I used my Elephant Scrappy Applique Pattern for the design, but made him using a very different technique. 

In The Meander Guild (an online international quilt guild where we explore a new quilt style every month!) we explore lots of different quilt styles and techniques and are on a journey to develop our own unique styles. This can be done by combining different elements: different styles, techniques, color palettes, design aesthetic, etc.

This quilt is a good example of this idea in action!

I started with an improvisationally pieced background, using the Yosegire method we learned in Meander. 

I then placed that dark green fabric on top of the pieced background and did reverse applique ala the Mola style we explored in Meander as well. 

That meant I cut away the design from the green fabric to reveal the background fabric. And for this guy, I used a technique we learned about which allows me to applique and quilt at the same time! We joked that we should call it Appliquilt ;). I appliqued it by machine, but did so through all 3 layers, so the stitches doubled as the quilting!

I then Tie Quilted the rest of the quilt, a technique we explored while we learned about Crazy Quilting! 

I love how he turned out and am excited to play around with this combination of techniques some more. 

If you love learning new quilt-making styles/techniques, I think you'll LOVE Meander! Fall Enrollment is open now, so if you'd like to join this creative, international guild, we'd love to have you! 

 Click here to learn more and/or join The Meander Guild!

I'd love to hear from you! Have you played around with combining different techniques together for something new? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear about it!

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