Free Lettering Applique Pattern

Free Lettering Applique Pattern

Free Lettering Pattern

I love incorporating text into quilts. From a simple monogram to your favorite quote or poem, text can be a stunning design element.

                                     Get Your Free Lettering Pattern Here

I'm excited to share this free appliqué pattern with you! It includes 2 complete font templates -- the sleek Type and the sweet Script, each in 3 different sizes! You can use one font or even play with combining them. With all the letters (+ 3 sizes!) and punctuation, the sky is the limit to the type and number of projects you can create!

Free Lettering Pattern

There are several finishing options, so even if you're new to appliqué, there is a finishing option for you. 

Free Lettering Pattern shannon-brinkley.comThese instructions will guide you through a finished quilt top. After that, you can finish the project however you like! Make it into a quilt, wall hanging, tote bag, pillow, placemats, the sky's the limit.

Get Your Free Lettering Pattern Here

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Is it possible to print out words I connected on screen?

Chyrll Rohde Lincoln

I signed up for your free alphabet, but have NOT received it. Checked my Junk File-not there either!

Wendy DuBois

Thank you for helping out a beginning student of wool appliqué.
Looking forward to applying the script letters in my projects.


I got these patterns quite a while back and now I have a quilt that I am not really happy with and I t
can applique a message across it and I believe that will save the day. Thank you so much.

Susan K Gray

looking for the alphabet in different sizes as well as script

thank you

Joanne Kusnick

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