From Actor to Quilter -- how to trust your intuition with Giuseppe Ribaudo

I'm delighted to introduce you to one of my favorite quilters, Giuseppe Ribaudo. 

Giuseppe Ribaudo (aka Giucy Giuce) is a quilter whose love of fabric was passed on to him from his grandmother, a talented seamstress. A teacher, pattern writer and fabric designer, Giuseppe enjoys exploring quilting and textile design through a playful use of color. When he is not quilting, he enjoys traveling, hiking, and knitting. He resides just outside New York City in Queens, New York.

In the Meander Guild this month, we are exploring English Paper Piecing, so I was delighted to bring Giuseppe in as our guest teacher! So you Meander members will be learning from Giuseppe how to do EPP as well as how to design your own EPP patterns this month. I was shocked by how simple Giuseppe made it! EPP always seemed meticulous and a little confusing to me, but G broke it down and made it feel like a piece of cake! 

On top of being a fabulous teacher and quilter, Giuseppe has such refreshing and inspiring insights as to what it means to be a creative and some beautiful philosophies for approaching the craft of quilting. 

I had such a ball in this interview with Giuseppe, we talked about:

  • how to approach the creative process,
  • how to "experiment" in your work,
  • how "modern quilters" can honor the past
  • The silliness of the labels: "Modern" or "Traditional"
  • How to keep the craft of quilting alive in our modern era
  • How to trust your intuition when it comes to color and creativity


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You can find follow/contact Giuseppe through Instagam (@giucy_giuce) or contact him at giucygiuce(at)

If you want to learn EPP from Giuseppe (the class was SO good and made it so easy), you'll want to join us in Meander! 

I know you'll be as inspired by my conversation with Giuseppe as I was! Now we'd love to hear from you!  What's your biggest takeaway from this interview? Leave a comment below.

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  • Wow, I really enjoyed the interview. Being a fan of EPP I was delighted to hear him speak. His use of such vivid colors modernizes the patterns. Thank you for sharing.

    Annette Kuder
  • I just loved this video. So much fun. Encourage to create an just go with. Inspires me . Thank you so much. Have a great day!

    Tamara Gassen
  • What a wonderful interview! It was exciting, fabulous, and inspiring! And to make it even better, I recently received Giuseppe’s quantum collection and a cool pattern in a Quilty Box!! He is an inspiring artist!
    Thank you for this great bnb interview.

    Ida Lawson

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