How to Create a Fabric Dye Journal

How to Create a Fabric Dye Journal

I love experimenting with natural dyes to create my own unique stash of fabrics and yarns to use in my creative projects.

When I started with natural dyeing a few years ago, I quickly discovered that a Dye Journal is incredibly helpful for keeping track of my experiments so I can recreate the colors I love and build on past experiments. 

Creating a dye journal is super simple. All you need to get started is a blank sketchbook or notebook, a glue stick, and a pen. There are some key details I always make note of so I can recreate my color recipes.

Let me show you inside my dye journal and walk you through the steps to creating and using your own.


Would you like to learn more about natural fabric/fiber dyeing? Join me for my FREE class From Flowers to Fabric

You'll learn:

  • A simple set up for dyeing your own fabrics that makes it easy to get started!
  • Types of fabrics to use + the different effects you can create (lots of great options for quilters!)
  • The overall process for dyeing fabrics that won't fade or bleed
  • I'll demonstrate dyeing with real fabric & a dye you probably have in your pantry
  • Plus a ton of beautiful examples of colors you and prints you can achieve in your own kitchen 

Hope to see you there! 


I'd love to hear from you! Have you tried your hand at fabric dyeing before? Is it something you're curious about? Leave a comment below and let us know!



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Looking forward to your class. Unfortunately I’m in Australia so I’ll be watching the repeat as it would be 1am and I have to work the next day . Yes super excited!

Ann Maree Holmes

Have had success with dying on water colour paper but no success with material. Looking forward to your learning from your experience.
Best wishes


I have done some procion dyeing & also indigo but would love to learn different natural dyes, looking forward to your class

Anne Poole

I’m excited! I’ve been dabbling & experimenting w/ natural dyes for years, but not constantly. The yellow onion skins are a prize for cooking as well! There are plants, in my yard( and memories as a child) that I’ve discovered can be used in dyeing!
My biggest ‘BLANK’ is the mordant!


I was registered for the class but did not receive my link to join.


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