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Meet Amaya (pattern now in pdf & printed!)

Meet Amaya. She is bold, confident, and playful. 

She's also simpler to make than she looks. She's made using my signature technique, Scrappy Applique, which is a raw-edge applique technique where you collage fabric to create your applique piece. (Grab the pattern here)

I had a ball designing her, I loved the idea of having the white on the zebra just be the background fabric, and the only bits that define her are the stripes! 

I originally designed Amaya for Craftsy (now Blueprint) last year. They put together kits and kept selling out almost as soon as they'd post them to the website. 

Here's a close up of those stripes! For this version, I started with a palette of mostly teals/aquas with some navy and pops of gold. I used the pop of gold as the binding too. I love bringing the pop of color fabric out to the binding, I think it creates some nice cohesion. 

I'm delighted to be able to offer the Amaya Scrappy Applique Pattern now in multiple sizes and in print and PDF. 

3 size options:

  • Large: 60" x 60" (only available in the PDF version)
  • Medium: 40" x 40"
  • Small: 24" x 24"

This is the medium size (40" x 40" suggested, though you can make it however large or small you'd like). This is a good "in-between" size.

And the pink Amaya is an example of the size small (24" x 24" suggested). For her, since the stripes are so skinny, I simply cut them out, fused them down and quilted densely using my Matchstick Applique method. 

Some of my students have been intimidated by Amaya. She isn't necessarily "harder" than my other patterns, she just takes a bit longer since there is more to cut out and sew. 

For any of my Scrappy Applique patterns, I recommend grabbing the Scrappy Applique Workshop. In this online workshop, I walk you through the entire Scrappy Applique process with videos for each step, so you can see exactly how it is done as well as all of your different finishing options. This workshop will help you make any Scrappy Applique pattern, including Amaya! 

You can grab the Amaya Pattern, here and the Scrappy Applique Workshop, here

I'd love to hear your thoughts on sweet Amaya, which colors do you think you'd choose and which size would you make her? Leave a comment below!

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