Kraken Quilt

Kraken Quilt

Kraken Quilt


This fellow was a lot of fun to make. I definitely want to make him again and play with the pattern a bit. Perhaps I'll have him top-sizing a boat! He should probably look a bit more menacing, too, don't you think? I'll work on that.

Get the pattern for him, here

Here are some more details..

Kraken Quilt-3
I chose to do a stippling quilting pattern to create an eerie, underwater feel.  
Kraken Quilt-1
The background is Timeless Treasure Sketch in mist. I LOVE their Sketch Basics; I love them for backgrounds (like here) as well as in my applique collages. I actually used this same fabric for the background of the quilt that appears on the cover of my upcoming book, Scrappy Bits Applique. They work so well for my quilts because they provide a nice, interesting texture without being too busy. Love.
Kraken Quilt-2
This guy also shows up in the gallery portion of Scrappy Bits Appliqué! Find the print and PDF patterns for this guy, here.
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This quilt is so beautiful!!!


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fabulous quilt!


So cool! Good to see you last night :)


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