Landscape without Borders

Landscape without Borders

Who says all quilts need a neatly finished edge?   Landscape without Borders   I created this a couple years ago as a Mothers' Day gift for my mother in law. She is part Cherokee and very proud of her hertatage. The design was built around the Cherokee mandala, blue (north) representing wisdom, red (east) - spirit, white (south) - creation, black (west) - the visible body, yellow - all that is above, brown - all that is below, and green representing the here and now.  


  My favorite aspect of this quilt is the sun. I love the movement that's created with the curved strips. After this quilt, this sun popped up in several other quilts of mine!   To so many the term "mother in law" or "in-laws" has an immediate negative connotation. I am so fortunate to have two of the most loving, compassionate, and supportive people for in-laws. They have been such a blessing, and I loved making this for my wise and spunky mother in-law.   Thanks for taking a peek!
Landscape without Borders
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