Lion Baby Quilt

Lion Baby Quilt

I just shipped this fellow off to his new home in Brooklyn. He has a lot of baby snuggles in his future!
Lion Quilt-1
I used my Lion quilt pattern, available as a print or digital download pattern. The baby, for whom I made the quilt, is named Adeline, which means noble, so her mother and I thought a lion would perfectly suit her. I love the vibrant mints and pops of gold and pink.
Lion Quilt-3
The quilting is 1/4" and has, I think, a calm but striking effect. The mother wanted me to encorporate her old baby blanket into the quilt, so I used the backing of that blanket for the binding of this quilt, and let it dictate the color palette.
Lion Quilt-4
Have you tried quilting this densely before? What do you think about it?
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Love it!


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