No Fuss Applique -- I'll show you how!

No Fuss Applique -- I'll show you how!

I am so excited to now be able to offer my Scrappy Applique workshop online! I've been teaching this class all over the country, and I'm thrilled to bring it into your sewing room! I know lots of us have the tendency to get excited about a class, pattern, or technique, buy said pattern or class, then never get around to finishing (or even starting!) the project. So I've designed the class to fix that. The class will stream LIVE, so you can work on the project along with me (and other quilters from around the world), and ask me questions as they come up! Since my technique is quick and efficient, most students finish (or nearly finish) their quilt top by the end of class.  I hope you'll join us! To learn more, click the button below.

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*Update: This class is currently available as an online class! Check it out, here

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I have the same problem

Kathy Duval

Same issue… Error message


would love to sign up but am getting an error message when I click on Learn More


Thanks so much for letting me know, the issue should be fixed now!

Shannon Brinkley

We are all have the same problem, would love to take the class.

Felicia Few

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