Patchwork Blocks Background Pattern

Patchwork Blocks Background Pattern

Hi there, lovelies! Today I'm sharing my super quick and simple background pattern: Patchwork Blocks. My goal as a designer is to provide you with raw materials with which to be creative! That is why I do not publish complete, beginning to end designs. I want YOU to be a part of the design process! It is YOUR quilt, after all. So periodically I will be posting tutorials for background patterns that pair perfectly with my applique templates. This way you get to mix and match your background to your applique piece! Kind of a "choose your own quilting adventure" kinda thing! So for the first background pattern, I thought I'd choose an old classic. This is great for beginning quilters, or for times when you want to whip up a quick background. And I've done all the math for you! ;) I paired it with one of my favorite patterns-- Oh Deer.


Various Blue Fabric 54 charm size pieces OR 6-10 FEs or ⅛ yard cuts 117 charm size pieces OR 7-10 FQs or ¼ yard cuts 12 FQs or ¼ yds cuts 10 half yd cuts OR 20 FQs 7 yd cuts OR 14 half yd cuts OR 27 FQs 10 yd cuts OR 19 half yd cuts OR 37 FQs
Backing 1 yards 1 ¾ yds 4 ¾ yds 5 ½ yds 7 ½ yds 8 ½ yds
Batting 1 yd of 45” batting 1 ¾ yds of 45” batting 1 ¾ yds of 90” batting 2 ¾ yds of 90” batting 2 ½ yds of 124” batting 2 ⅞ yd sof 124” batting
Binding 1/3 yard ½ yard 1/2 yard 3/4 yard 3/4 yard 1 yard
Applique Template* small small or medium medium medium or large large large
*All of my print patterns include sizes mini, small, and medium. All of my PDF templates include mini, small, medium, and large. Materials to make the appliqué piece is included with the appliqué patterns

Cutting and Preparing the Fabric

Wall Crib Lap Twin Full / Queen King
Blue Fabric cut 54 4.5’’ squares cut 117 4.5’’ squares cut 117 6.5’’ squares cut 117 7.5’’ squares cut 156 7.5’’ squares cut 156 8.5’’ squares
Backing cut 1 panel 30” X WOF cut 1 panel 58” X WOF cut 2 panels 60’’ x WOF and piece together along the 60’’ sides cut 2 panels 97’’ x WOF and piece together along the 97’’ side cut 3 panels 90’’ x WOF and piece together along the 90’’ sides cut 3 panels 102’’ x WOF and piece together along the 102’’ sides
Binding cut 4 2.5’’ strips, prepare binding cut 5 2.5’’ strips, prepare binding cut 7 2.5’’ strips, prepare binding cut 9 2.5’’ strips, prepare binding cut 10 2.5’’ strips, prepare binding cut 11 2.5’’ strips, prepare binding
Alright, now it's your turn to create! Grab a template and get sewing! Which template do you like best with the Patchwork Block background?
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