Quick and Easy Sunset Strip Quilt Pattern

Quick and Easy Sunset Strip Quilt Pattern

This super easy jelly roll quilt top can be whipped up in a couple hours. Add your favorite scrappy applique piece and you've got yourself a totally unique and modern quilt, perfect for those last minute gifts!
Wandering Bear Strip Quilt-3
A few weeks ago was my grandfather's 90th birthday, and we had a big family reunion in Palm Coast, Fl to celebrate!
Wandering Bear Strip Quilt-6
I knew I wanted to use my Wandering Bear Template, since he went to Baylor University. I also knew I had less than a week to make it! 
Wandering Bear Strip Quilt-4
I whipped up the background super quickly using 2 jelly rolls (1 Doe by Caroline Friedlander and a coordinating Kona Cotton solids roll). I only used about half of each, but I wanted to include solids as well as prints.
Wandering Bear Strip Quilt-2
I first found the arrangement I liked by laying the strips on my design wall in stripes. Then I pieced them all together like binding, so I had one super long strip of fabric. Then I cut the strip every 50" for the rows. It was SUPER quick, and I really love the effect.
Wandering Bear Strip Quilt-1

Size Shown

50" x 60"













3 or more

15 (or 1 jelly roll)

25 (or 1 jelly roll)

36 (or 1 jelly roll)

67 (or 2 jelly rolls)

82 (or 2 jelly rolls)

94 (or 3 jelly rolls)

113 (or 3 jelly rolls)



1 1/2 yds

1 3/4 yds

3 1/4 yds

5 1/4 yds

5 1/4 yds

7 1/2 yds

7 3/4 yds











1/4 yd

1/3 yd

1/2 yd

1/2 yd

3/4 yd

3/4 yd

3/4 yd

3/4 yd

Applique Template


small or medium



medium or large




 *For applique materials, see template.


Cut your 2.5" strips. If you are using jelly rolls, you get to skip this step!


  1. Arrange your strips in the order you want them. Then, starting at the top and working down, piece the strips together like you would binding. You will end up with one super long 2.5" strip. Cut off those little triangles with a 1/4" seam allowance and press your seams open.
  2. Now to cut your rows. The rows are as wide as the finished width of your quilt. (For example, the rows for the throw are 50", since the dimensions of the throw size is 50" x 60"). So cut your strip every 50" (or whatever the width of your finished quilt is).
  3. Lay out your rows, orienting them whichever way your like.
  4. Piece the rows together. Voila!

Add Bear

My applique technique (Scrappy Applique) is super easy and quick! If you have been nervous to try applique, or if you have a ton of scraps you want to use up, this is the method for you! Using the instructions in your Wandering Bear Template (or any of the other templates), make your applique piece and attach it to the quilt top.


Finish quilt as desired. I used a large woodgrain quilting pattern for this guy.

Wandering Bear Strip Quilt-5

My goal as a designer is to give you the raw materials so you can be creative and come up with your own totally unique quilt. Mix and match applique templates with different pieced backgrounds-- have fun with it! What applique template do you think would look neat on this background?
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Thanks Petra, I remember you! Ooo, I love that idea— let me know if you make one, I want to see it!

Shannon Brinkley

I met you at QuiltCon and love your book! But I love this quilt even more, it´s fantastique. I would try such a quilt with a blooming flower!


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