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Quilt Project to do with your Kids

As a former elementary teacher, and having a child of my own, I am always on the look-out for projects that will really excite and inspire children, as well as stretch and grow their creativity. This is one of my very favorite art/craft projects to do with children. It is a great way to introduce them to quilting/sewing and keep them happy, creative, and occupied for a while!

Learn how to create beautiful and fun fabric collages with that creative kiddo in your life. This is a segment from my recent appearance on Creative Living on PBS. (The tutorial started at minute 1:25, if you're in a hurry ;)

Have you tried doing any sewing projects with your kids/grandkids? I'd love to hear what you made and how it went! Sometimes they go so smoothly and everyone has a ball, then other times, you're biting your tongue to hold in your temper because there is glue on their fingers and the walls and your kids won't stop fighting over that one piece of fabric with the kittens. Never a dull moment, though, am I right?  Leave a comment below to share your experiences.

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  • Cute idea. I may have to try this with my 5 yr old granddaughter next time I visit.

  • when my kids want to craft they want to do it right away and I am always like let me get the supplies, let me get everything ready and by the time I finish that they don’t want to make what they talked about before, grrr… so yes that part upsets me :) Will have to try your Applique method with them.

  • Fun — let us know how it goes!

    Shannon Brinkley

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