Scrappy Applique -- lightning fast!

Scrappy Applique -- lightning fast!

I wanted to give you a sneaky peak at an upcoming quilt pattern. Here is a timelapse of my husband and I fusing the top of our upcoming Scrappy Applique pattern, Sasha!

It's so fun to see her come together so quickly! The video is only 23 seconds, but the actual process took about an hour... still quite quick. That is what I love about Scrappy Applique.



This pattern will be available very soon to my Scrappy Applique Pattern Library members, and will be available to the public later this year or early 2020.

Interested in getting your feet wet with this technique??

I have a free applique class, here, that I think you'll love!

I am also offering some live, online Scrappy Applique Workshops soon, that I'd love to have you join (you'll hear about those at the end of the free class)!

Go grab the free applique class now!

I'd love to hear from you-- have you done much applique? Love it? Hate it? Leave a comment below!

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I bought the Sasha kit when Bluprint was still selling goods. I just finished it and am ready to load on the long arm frame. It was fun, especially since I had never done applique before. It was tedious satin stitching around all of the pieces, though, and my fusible web wouldn’t stay put so I had to pin every piece in place. If I make it again, I would buy a wider background fabric so I don’t have to piece it, I don’t like the seams. Hopefully I can conceal them with quilting. My grandson wants one in black on white so that should be fun too.

Carol Habets

Me too!!! Can you also shed some light on the Scrappy Applique Pattern Library membership as mentioned above ….

Thanks for the help and inspiration!


Can you tell me if this applique pattern is available yet and/or where i can find it or watch for it? i have so much fabric and do not need a kit, just the pattern. I am seriously interested in purchasing the pattern


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