Scrappy Bits Appliqué available for Pre-Order!

My book, Scrappy Bits Appliqué, is now available for pre-order at a large variety of places (C&T Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc), and is available for shipping August 1st!

The book takes you step by step though the process of creating a quilt using my "Scrappy Bits Appliqué " technique. I love this technique for raw edge appliqué because it allows for a lot of creative freedom in the construction and it is super fast compared to traditional appliqué or piecing techniques. Also, it is beginner friendly! If you can sew in a straight line, you can make the quilts in this book!

The book takes you through the whole quilting process, demonstrates how to design your own quilt using this method, and has 8 detailed quilt patterns and templates.

When I started the process of writing this back in December 2012, I had no idea of all that went into writing a craft book. Writing was certainly not the largest aspect-- there was planning, designing, contacting suppliers, outsourcing products, quilting (duh), writing patterns, math, math, mind-numbing math, image log, step outs, snap-shots, template drawing, illustrating, and many, many other things one is unaware of until they've gone through this process.

Back in January 2013, when my book proposal was accepted, Fall 2014 seemed forever away, but it is almost here! It's super exciting and quite surreal. It may take holding it in my hands, or seeing it on a shelf in a store to really sink in, though seeing it on Amazon was pretty nuts and wonderful.

Any-who check it out on Amazon, the pre-order is 25% off! Also, if you feel so inclined, the next time you are in your local quilt or craft shop, ask the manager to order the book for the shop! I can't wait to hear what you all think!

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