Skyline Row Quilt

Skyline Row Quilt

I am really inspired by texture and pattern, and love a really interesting texture within a sleek silhouette. That is the core aesthetic of Scrappy Appliqué -- a really beautiful collage within a simple silhouette. City skylines are one of my favorite silhouettes to collage within because, not only does it create a really striking appliqué piece, but it reminds you of home, or of that favorite vacation you went on with your husband, or the countless other connections we have to cities.
Since the skylines are horizontal, they lend themselves well to being made into wall hangings. I've made a few skyline lap quilts in the past, and had the skyline either placed in the center or at the bottom of the quilt. I've been wanting to create a skyline row quilt for a while now, and love how it turned out!
I have over 80 different city skyline patterns in my PDF shop. I also have 2 printed skyline patterns, a US Skyline Pattern and World Skyline Pattern. I used the US Skyline Pattern to make this quilt -- it includes 6 skylines, San Francisco, NYC, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, and St. Louis. I decided to only include 4 skylines in this quilt, but the nice thing about a row quilt is that you can easily add rows. Since I have so many different cities, you can mix and match to build a quilt with cities that are important to you and your family. skyline-row-x-row-web-4 I wanted to create an ombre effect, so i chose 4 different shades of blue, and collage fabric ranging from yellow to orange-red. I had originally planned to have all the rows be equal in height, but one of the light blues I had in my stash, was tall enough for Seattle, but the height wasn't tall enough for the Statue of Liberty. So I decided to have the height increase as you go down the quilt. **To help you with your project, I wanted to give you a discount. When you buy 3 skyline PDF patterns, you get one free! Just add your 4 favorite city skylines to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied.**

Skyline Row Quilt

All of my Scrappy Appliqué patterns come in multiple sizes, allowing for a lot of project possibilities. I've included fabric requirements / piecing diagrams for a few different size options, and I've written the materials requirements per row, so you can include as many or as few rows as you like! Note: You can make the wall hanging, crib, and throw quilts using either a PDF Pattern or one of my Print Patterns, however, the twin size can only be made with a PDF Pattern, since it needs the larger template. 




1.Cut the background fabric pieces to the size of the row + 1/2". (So for example, the Wall hanging rows will measure 16.5" x 32.5".)

*Note: This is a flexible pattern, feel free to make adjustments as desired. The Crib Quilt measurements show you how you can play with row heights for a different look. The city skylines vary in height, so you'll have to print them out and measure before you can plan the order of the skylines. For example, the NYC skyline is 12" from bottom to top of the Statue of Liberty, so I placed that one on the bottom row, whereas the Chicago skyline is only about 8" from top to bottom, so I place that on the top/shortest row. Alternatively, you can just have all the rows equal in height and not worry about this.

2. Make the skyline appliqué pieces according to the instructions included with the pattern.

*Note: All the PDF patterns include multiple sizes. When you purchase the pattern, you'll download a folder with  5 files in it (Instructions + 4 different templates: mini, small, medium, and large). As noted in the materials chart, for the Wall Hanging, Crib Quilt, and Throw Quilt, you'll print off the medium size. For the Twin Quilt, you'll print off the large template. If you are making the Twin Size Quilt, you must get a PDF pattern, rather than one of my printed patterns. The printed patterns only include up to a size medium template. 

*Note: The medium sized templates are about 32" in width, so if you'd like to make it wider (like I show on the Throw Quilt), simply extent the skyline horizontally on each side however many inches you'd like to add. See the Extension Example in the chart above.  Another way to increase the size of the quilt, of course, is to add a border. I think a border and/or sashing would look really nice with the skylines.

3. Piece rows together with a 1/4" seam allowance. Press seams open, or to dark fabric. 4. Finish as desired.


I quilted a woodgrain pattern over the whole quilt. I liked the juxtaposition of the organic looking woodgrain with the geometric and distinctly urban silhouettes.
I cannot wait to see your row quilts! If you post photos anywhere, be sure to tag me, I want to see them! Happy sewing and happy travels, friends.
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Ooo, yeah— that’d be neat! Thanks for your sweet words!

Shannon Brinkley

Your quilt looks awesome!!! A perfect gift idea for a traveller if you choose the skylines of cities the person has visited!!!

Michele T

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