The Fabric that goes with EVERYTHING

The Fabric that goes with EVERYTHING

I get asked by quilters a lot -- how do you know which fabrics to choose for your quilt? 

I have lots of color tools in my toolbox, but one of my very favorites is the MAGIC Monochromatic Print. 

I call it magic because this type of print is SO versatile. It is going to instantly elevate your fabric palettes, making them look more robust and put-together. 

Monochromatic Prints also make those fun, wild prints really stand out. 


What is a Monochromatic Print?

Mono (one) chroma (color). A monochromatic print is a print that is all or mostly one color. 

Even if there is more than one color in the print, they still "read" as mostly one color.

They are the most versatile print out there and you should have LOTS in your stash. 


These prints act as textured blocks of color in your quilt, showing off those fun, multicolored prints as well as really emphasizing your color palette and the quilt design. 


Skyline Patterns Here  

When I start pulling fabric for my next project, I start with monochromatic prints. They form a foundation, upon which I can sprinkle in pops of color, neutrals, and more "wild" prints. 


Bunny Pattern Here  

They add a lot more interest and texture than solids will while not distracting from your color palette and overall quilt design. 

Skyline Patterns Here

Since they are "blenders", they don't stand out and grab your attention as much in the fabric stores as some of the more fun, colorful prints do. This is their magic power! They blend in while still adding color and texture so your quilt pattern really shines, but because they aren't as sexy as those multi-colored prints, quilters don't collect as many. 

We are drawn to those fun, colorful prints, but if we don't have these magical blenders, we have a hard time knowing how to actually USE those fun prints that grabbed our eye at the store. 


(Need a color wheel? Grab mine for free!)

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So, if you ever have trouble finding fabrics to pair with those fun, colorful prints in your stash, you may need to grab some more of these fabulous and magical Monochromatic Prints!

I'd love to hear from you! Take a look at your stash-- do you have many of these types of prints? Do you use them a lot in your fabric pulls? Leave a comment below. 


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I seem to pick my fabrics backwards. I usually sucomb to the bright fabrics that call to me then pull prints that read as solid. I am really enjoying your ideas because I generally struggle with picking colors. I usually have to make myself buy these blenders to put in my stash. Hey, I think I need to go fabric shopping!!


I buy blenders by the bolt! That way I always have enough-plus there is a wholesaler near me and it’s super cheap. I also upcycle men’s shirts and blue oxford button down shirts work into quilts beautifully.

Lois Stimax

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