Wandering Bear Quilt

Wandering Bear Quilt

I just finished this guy, and I'm a bit smitten...
Wandering Bear Quilt-2
I deconstructed the traditional bear claw quilt block, and arranged them into this wandering path. I was originally planning on just doing a solid beige Pin Dot background, but serendipitously was short on that fabric. I decided to do beige scrappy claws instead, and I think it looks way cooler as a result!
Wandering Bear Quilt-6
I used all Timeless Treasure basics in this quilt. I really love their basics, and they work quite well in my applique collages.
Wandering Bear Quilt-4
The bear, (I should give him a name.... Phil? Bartolomeu? Reginald? I'll keep thinking...) is a separate applique piece that I made using my raw-edge applique techniques taught in my book, Scrappy Bits Appliqué. You can find the print and PDF pattern for him, here
Wandering Bear Quilt-3
I used a very narrow stipple pattern to quilt it; I wanted to give an impression of a wandering path. I left the colored claws unquilted so they'd stand out. On the bear, I did a back and forth kind of pattern that is supposed to look like fur: I think it gives him a nice texture. I don't know why I decided the bear was a he... probably my preset gender bias toward the color blue.. Eh..
Wandering Bear Quilt-1
You can find the pattern for the bear, here! I think it would be a great quilt for the husband or dad. The pattern, like all my patterns, will include multiple size options, so it'd make a great baby quilt too! Now it's time for me to go sew a tote for Quilt Market this weekend! Way to wait until the last minute, aye? Ah well... I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
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WHATTTT omg this is amazing!!!!


This is a fab quilt! I actually said “wow” out loud when I saw it

Katie Trott

Shannon, do you have your booth # for Houston, I will be there on Friday and would like to meet you..

Susan Upchurch

Is the pattern available?


Hi Susan,

Just saw this— I was only at Quilt Market, the trade show the week before Festival. Hope you had fun!!

Shannon Brinkley

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