What is your Creative New Years Resolution?

What is your Creative New Years Resolution?

A new year always brings with it an exciting surge of energy.

Are you feeling it? So much is possible-- there are so many changes you want to make and things you want to try! 

This is when we look at our habits, routines, and hobbies, and decide to finally do what we've been wanting to do. We join a gym, we start a new hobby, we make a resolution. 

I wonder, have you looked at your creative life and asked, what do I want to create this year? How do I want to grow? What do I want to grow? 

Do you want to learn how to mix and match the fabrics in your stash? 

Do you want to learn new techniques; shake things up; try something different?

Is there a particular skill you want to get better at? Maybe you want to improve your free motion quilting skills; maybe you want to try out applique, paper piecing, or designing your own quilt? 

What is your Creative New Years Resolution? 

As we all know, most resolutions are dropped within the first month or two. After that initial surge of energy subsides, we often don't have enough momentum to complete it or we get distracted with something else, or we meet resistance because the goal is hard, so we talk ourselves out of it. 

Writing down and telling others about your resolution SIGNIFICANTLY increases the chances of achieving your goal. SIGNIFICANTLY. So take the time to really think about your creative goals for the new year, write your resolution down, then tell others about it. Tell your family, if you're a member of a local quilt guild, tell your friends in the guild. If you're a member of The Meander Guild, tell us in the Facebook group what your goals are so we can encourage one another to achieve them! 

My Creative New Years Resolution: to make LOTS of space for creativity. To do this, I'm going to abandon old projects that are no longer inspiring me, and block off time designated to creating. 

Your turn! Take a moment to sit and think about how you want to grow creatively this year, what you want to get better at, what you'd like to create. Then write down your resolution and tell someone-- start by telling us and leaving a comment below! 

If you'd like to jump-start your creativity this year, I'm offering a free workshop this month called The Quilt Style Workshop, it gives you a taste for what we explore in the Meander Guild-- helps you see how you can grow and develop your own unique style and master color! Join the free workshop here. 

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