Windy Poplar Tree Quilt -- simple, but vibrant.

Windy Poplar Tree Quilt -- simple, but vibrant.

Do you ever wake up one morning with an idea you are crazy excited about? This happened to me one Saturday in 2016. I had lots of productive things planned for the day, but it all went out the window when I woke up that morning.
The tree itself is a pattern in my book, Scrappy Bits Appliqué. In the past I've mused about how I could add "leaves" to my trees without it looking awkward and without covering all the pretty branches. Perhaps I was dreaming about it, not sure, but I woke up with the notion of a collage of leaves behind the tree! So after breakfast I set to work!

I knew I wanted the leaves to be really vibrant, so I decided to keep the tree and background super neutral. I first created the tree using the pattern from my book, choosing a variety of cream and beige fabrics. After I finished collaging and cut out the tree, I laid it on the background I had chosen. It is an Andover Textured Solid fabric, so it has the lovely texture of linen while behaving like cotton! I use their Textured Solids all the time.

Using a Frixon pen, I drew a large circle around the tree, where I wanted the leaf line to be. I set aside the tree, and began to collage the leaves directly onto the background fabric, still using my Scrappy Appliqué technique. I started in the center of the circle with the warmer fabrics, and worked my way out, slowly introducing the cooler fabrics. I used that black Carolyn Friedlander print throughout the collage as an accent, and also to add a bit more depth to the collage.

After the leaves were finished and fused, I laid the tree on top and fused it down.
I decided to quilt some of my favorite poems into it, including Emily Dickinson's, It's all I have to bring today..., Wordsworth's Lonely as a Cloud, and an Edna St. Vincent Millay poem at the end. I quilt most of my quilts on a longarm -- I rent time on an APQS longarm from the lovely ladies at Over the Top Quilting in Cedar Park, Tx. I've really been enjoying "quilt-writing" lately (is that a term? Let's coin it!). I quilt in cursive, connecting all the words. I don't worry about dotting the 'i"s or about punctuation.

Finished quilt measures 40" x 52".

I love how this quilt turned out -- it's one of my favorites from 2016! Want to make your own? Grab a book! Have you ever tried "quilt-writing"? I plan to do a lot more of it! Happy New Year and happy sewing, friends!

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I made my first appliqué letters on our third great grandchild’s blanket! I live this although I certainly am not proficient yet.
I say yet because you are very inspiring! Your videos are not “droning boring” but happy positive ones and your smile lifts my heart while being isolated! Thank you so much!


Thanks for the lovely inspiration. My son lives in CO and I am going to try a variation using different shades of gold, a la aspens.


This quilt caught my attention and the reason I signed up. Thank you!



Lori M

Awesome quilt!


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