You Probably Don't Need that Tool

You Probably Don't Need that Tool

I love the quilting industry. 

I love the community. I love the kinder than usual people. I love the sharing of inspiration and the wealth of creativity. 

There is one thing I don't love. 

It sounds a little like this...

"You really need this tool." "You'll need these 6 rulers and these 17 templates." "You really need this machine that cost as much as your first car." 

Does this sound sorta familiar? 

You wanted to make your first quilt and finally use that sewing machine that's been sitting unused in your closet for years, so you bought a book and a pattern, and some fabric. You make it, have a ball with it, and you want more! 

So you start looking on Pinterest or Instagram or through YouTube and see SO many beautiful quilts! You soon realize there are SO many different techniques out there, and everyone has their own way of doing things. There is SO much you don't know! 

So when an expert tells you, "you really need to buy this tool to be able to do this technique... oh and you need this fat quarter bundle, and these 6 templates", you believe them, and you buy them. 

They were super handy with that one pattern, but then you didn't really use them again after that. 

Then you wanted to try a new technique because you saw this beautiful quilt someone in your guild brought. The expert told you that you need this book, these rulers, this doo-dad, this who-soma-whats-it, and this type of thread. So you buy it. It works great for the project, but you get halfway through making the quilt, then set it aside because you found this gorgeous kit you want to make! Oh, and you never use the who-soma-whats-it again. 

After a few years of this, your sewing room is full of tools you've used once or twice, leftover fabric from past projects that you don't know how to mix and match with other fabrics, a sewing machine with 156 stitches and features you've never used, and a huge pile of WIPs that are stressing you out. 

How did this happen?! 

What if instead of spending way too much money at fabric stores only to end up with a sewing room full of things you don't use, you knew how to mix and match every tool and book and pattern to create something beautiful, unique, and signature-ly you.

What if you knew how to take all that leftover fabric from past projects, and mix and match them to create a gorgeous and unexpected palette that makes the gals at your guild gasp. 

What if you crafted a style that is so uniquely you, that when you post something on Instagram, or show a quilt at your guild meeting, even before everyone sees who made it, they know right away -- "Oh I know who made that-- that is SO her. How gorgeous."

I'd like to invite you on that journey. 

No one else on the planet has had your collection of experiences.

No one else has seen and been inspired by the particular combination of things you have.

No one else sees the world in the exact way that you do.

You are completely and totally unique. 

You can have a quilt-making style that reflects that uniqueness. That is an expression of all the things you've seen and all the things that make you, you.

Let's go on that journey together.

We cannot wait to see what you create. 

Join me for the free live, online workshop: How to Develop Your Own Unique Style + Master Color. Grab your spot now! 


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I hate having to wash my new fabric…I know its the rule so you can pre-shrink the material but I always make sure I purchase pre-shrunk material…

Linda Ross

I have always loved to sew, and have always loved quilts. When a friend said she would teach me to quilt, I tried to avoid her like the plague. As I am into a lot of things and knew if I started quilting I would be toast. 20 years later, my husband tells people that I have enough fabric to open my own fabric store. Of course we all know he’s lying………..even quilt stores don’t have enough.!!!!

Pat Melton

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