Dryad Fabric

In Greek mythology, Dryads were tree spirits-- shy creatures that tend to or give life to the trees. The majesty and beauty of trees have been inspiring poets and artists alike throughout history, and this collection is a celebration of that connection and awe we feel toward our leafy, gnarled friends, as well as the exploration and freedom inherent in the creative journey. Sweet mints, poppy, and amber yield a vibrant and rich texture-- the tenth print in each colorway is a culmination and collage of the previous nine, making it a perfect focal print for your next project. Join the Dryads and Robert Frost (quoted in one of the prints) and “steal away” into the vastness of a tree.


Dryad has a coordinating solids line as well, made up of Paintbrush Studio's new solids line, Painter's Palette. I have also teamed up with Aurifil and put together a line of thread that perfectly coordinated with the line. 

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