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Scrappy Applique WorkshopAre you looking to host a live event for your shop or guild? Our Certified Teachers have been personally trained by Shannon Brinkley to offer her Scrappy Applique technique and/or her Color Confidence course in live, virtual events via Zoom as well as in-person events. Programs and workshops available.

Scrappy Applique

Scrappy Appliqué is a raw-edge appliqué technique that is fun and approachable for beginners and experienced quilters, alike. Participants will learn the method developed by Shannon to create these unique scrappy quilts. 

Scrappy Applique Certified Teachers:

Scrappy Applique Certified Teacher Janelle Schwartz

Janelle Schwartz

Certified Teacher - Scrappy Applique

In-person Events, Virtual Events (via Zoom), Program/Trunk Show, and Workshops

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Hello, I am Janelle. Creator, designer, sewer and sharer of my crafting adventures. Scrappy Applique is a fun, fast and creative quilting technique. I love that the scrappy technique makes every quilt unique. I offer programs and workshops virtually via Zoom, making it super convenient to collaborate with quilt guilds and shops. Contact me, and we can make a plan for a virtual presentation.

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Katie Lewis Scrappy Applique Quilting Scraps Shannon Brinkley Quilt Teaching Guilds Programs WorkshopsKatie Lewis

Certified Teacher - Scrappy Applique

In-person Events, Virtual Events (via Zoom), Program/Trunk Show, and Workshops

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Hi, I'm Katie! Quilting engages my senses and taps into my creative core while allowing me to create works of art that I can wrap around my loved ones. This combination of beauty and functionality continues to excite me quilt after quilt. Scrappy Applique takes the pressure off piecing perfectly, allowing us to explore color and pattern in a fun and easy way. I love how the templates give just enough direction to give you confidence in your finished quilt, but freedom to create a quilt that is as unique as you are. I'm truly passionate about coming alongside other quilters to help you explore your creativity. I look forward to connecting with you virtually or in person!

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Color Confidence

One of the common struggles faced by quilters is working with color. Most quilters haven’t taken a ton of art classes and, in turn, often lack confidence in their color sense, which makes fabric selection tricky! We get in color ruts, going back to the same few colors over and over, or we only feel comfortable making quilts from a kit, jelly roll, or a single fabric collection. Fortunately having an “eye for color” is not just something you are born with — it is something you can develop! 

Color Confidence Certified Teachers:

Color Confidence Quilt Program & Workshop with Lois Mease

Lois Mease

Certified Teacher - Color Confidence

In-person Events, Virtual Events (via Zoom), Program/Trunk Show, and Workshops

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Contact Lois

Hi, I'm Lois. I have been making quilts for years. I particularly enjoy grabbing fabric from my stash and just sitting down to sew. Color Confidence has helped me see and identify more details of color. I see things I never noticed before!  In my classes, we will learn to identify which colors work together and why, making it a lot more fun to pick out fabrics for your quilts. I offer programs and workshops via Zoom. I am happy to work with quilt shops and guilds.

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Tori McElwain

Certified Teacher - Color Confidence

In-person Events, Virtual Events (via Zoom), Program/Trunk Show, and Workshops

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Contact Tori

 Hi, I'm Tori.  I am an International Teacher, Speaker, and Pattern Designer. I have been quilting for 20 years and have an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, along with years of teaching experience. ​ I am a past Kindergarten teacher, and currently wife to an Active Duty Serviceman, as well as a mother and dog mom! I love to travel and I absolutely love sharing my passion for quilting!

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Kay Vincent Color Confidence for Quilters Certified Teacher with Shannon Brinkley Studio offering Programs and Workshops for Quilt Guilds


Kay Lee Vincent

Certified Teacher - Color Confidence

In-person Events, Program/Trunk Show, and Workshops

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Contact Kay

My name is Kay Vincent and I live on the Chesapeake Bay in rural Virginia. I am a quilter, teacher and a watercolor, pastel and fiber artist. I enjoy teaching and receive great pleasure in sharing with others. I was raised on a cattle ranch in the small town of Wallowa, Oregon, and I am married to a retired Marine. We have been lucky to have lived in and visited many states and countries in our beautiful world. I have especially enjoyed the color and changing seasons of our varied surrounds. I dapple in a variety of artistic mediums and at present I enjoy watercolor, pastes and the fiber arts. We own a sailboat and enjoy our summers days sailing in the bay and beyond. I taught Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Ec) for 30 years, and though I taught a variety of ages and subjects in the FACS curriculum, I have always enjoyed the fiber arts and the many directions it can take you, from clothing construction, interior design, quilting and as an art medium.


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