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Scrappy Applique WorkshopAre you looking to host a live event for your shop or guild? Our Certified Teachers offer live, virtual events via Zoom as well as in-person events (when possible). 
Choose Scrappy Applique, Color Confidence, or both! Programs and workshops available.

Scrappy Applique

Scrappy Appliqué makes for a really fun program and workshop. Scrappy Appliqué is a raw-edge appliqué technique that is fun and approachable for beginners and experienced quilters, alike. Participants will learn the method developed by Shannon to create these unique scrappy quilts. 

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Color Confidence

One of the common struggles faced by quilters is working with color. Most quilters haven’t taken a ton of art classes and, in turn, often lack confidence in their color sense, which makes fabric selection tricky! We get in color ruts, going back to the same few colors over and over, or we only feel comfortable making quilts from a kit, jelly roll, or a single fabric collection. Fortunately having an “eye for color” is not just something you are born with — it is something you can develop! 

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Meet Our Certified Teachers

All of our Certified Teachers have been personally trained by Shannon to teach her signature courses in Scrappy Appliqué and Color Confidence. 

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