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I have a degree in education, many years of teaching experience, and LOVE teaching in all forms. Below are the programs and classes I currently offer. Each class can be modified to fit your needs, goals, and time allotted. 

"Shannon knows her field.  She is very knowledgeable; it's refreshing to attend a class and have the instructor be able to answer all of your questions.  Not only will I be using this technique for a long time, Shannon is very personable and friendly."

Amy Campbell
Houston, Tx

Scrappy Applique is my signature technique, and makes for a really fun program and workshop. Scrappy Appliqué is my raw-edge appliqué technique that is fun and approachable for beginners and experienced quilters, alike. 


During the engaging and interactive program, I will share about myself, my background, how I began quilting, and what led me to develop my techniques and write Scrappy Bits Appliqué. I will take everyone through the whole process (nitty-gritty details will be saved for workshops) and provide a lot of ideas and inspiration for how these techniques can be used. Lastly I do a trunk show, where we hold up the different quilts I brought, and discuss fabric selection, quilting decisions, etc. It is a really fun and unique program. 


Learn how to take tiny scraps of fabric and turn them into gorgeous appliqué pieces using my signature technique– Scrappy Appliqué. It is quick and simple to pick up, yet allows for a lot of creative possibilities. It is a perfect workshop if you have quilters at a variety of skill levels. I have students who are brand new to quilting and have been terrified to try appliqué, and I have students who have been hand appliquéing for 30+ year. They all have a ball and learn a lot in the class. 

Since the Scrappy Appliqué process is the same despite the template chosen, each student chooses their favorite template/pattern, and we go through the whole process together. Every student's project is totally unique, and it is so much fun to see what everyone creates! Check out the blog post I wrote about my in person Scrappy Appliqué Workshops (includes some prep instructions for students attending). 

This can be a 1 or 2 day workshop. In a 1 day workshop, most students will finish collaging and fusing their applique pieces to their background fabrics. Some students will get to the sewing stage. In a 2 day workshop, most of the students will get their quilt top finished or nearly finished. Some students will even begin quilting their project!


“New techniques can be intimidating, but the right instructor can make all the difference. Shannon’s obvious talent and skill make you want to take her workshop, but it’s her excellence at teaching which is what makes it such an awesome class. She is patient, thorough and is adept at helping several individuals simultaneously while keeping the whole class moving forward. Would take another workshop with Shannon in a heartbeat!”

Helen Bakay,

Duluth Quilt Guild

Appliqué need not be tedious, confusing, or monotonous. Explore several creative appliqué finishing options, including my Faux-Needleturn technique, no-fray raw-edge appliqué, finishing appliqué edges with hand or machine embroidery, and my fun "Peek-a-boo" Reverse appliqué method.



In this content and technique-rich workshop, students choose one of my appliqué templates (or they can bring their own) and finish that same shape using each of the different appliqué finishing options that we'll learn. This workshop is fun and appropriate for beginners and experienced appliqué quilters, alike. It also pairs perfectly with my Scrappy Appliqué Workshop, a lot of guilds like to schedule the Scrappy Appliqué Workshop for the first day, then Exploring Appliqué for the second day.  

I teach workshops all over the country and I’ve noticed so many of my students struggling with color. Most quilters haven’t taken a ton of art classes and, in turn, often lack confidence in their color sense, which makes fabric selection tricky! We get in color ruts, going back to the same few colors over and over, or we only feel comfortable making quilts from a kit, jelly roll, or a single fabric collection.


Fortunately having an “eye for color” is not just something you are born with — it is something you can develop!



In this program, I demystify the sometimes intimidating task that is choosing a fabric color palette. I teach about Color Theory basics in a way that is really concrete and easy to understand, providing several "color formulas" for choosing your next palette, as well as some secret designer tricks that can instantly turn a fabric palette from dull or off to fabulous

In addition to learning about the science of color, I teach about pattern-mixing, as well as how to pull inspiration from art or nature to build a unique and beautiful color story. 

With lots and lots of quilting-specific examples and tips, this program will help even the most color confused quilters gain confidence in their ability to put together an interesting palette. 


SO much of fabric/color selection has to do with intuition. That question, “does this look right?” is a question of intuition. Just like great chefs that taste the sauce as they make it — they intuitively know if they need to add more salt or garlic. A fabric pull is exactly the same.

But that chef didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to make a killer marinara sauce. She studies under other great chefs, she spends her life tasting great food, trying new things, noticing flavor combinations she loves. A great quilter does the same thing. She learns the “rules” around color, she plays with new color stories, she pays attention to design and color palettes that really attract or repel her, asking, “what about this is attractive to me?” or “what about this is so unattractive to me?”. Then she experiments with those conclusions. Little by little her intuition for color gets stronger, and she is able to pull together gorgeous palettes, just like that chef’s sauce. Also like the chef, she will become better and better every year.

In this workshop, we begin (or continue) to train our eye to notice hue, color harmony, and balance. We'll learn about color theory, exploring classic color palettes and how to build them, and go through several exercises that will literally train our eyes to distinguish subtle differences in color, value, and saturation. We'll also learn how to mix and match prints, playing with color and scale to create totally unique and beautiful looks. 

This workshop is very hands on, concrete, and fun. It is appropriate for quilters who have no idea how to use a color wheel and only ever use precuts; as well as quilters with a great eye for color who are looking to create more interesting, dynamic palettes and develop a signature style (and everyone in between).


"Shannon is a professional speaker/teacher but more than that, she kept the topic fun, interesting and exciting. Our guild members kept telling me how much they learned and what a great teacher you are Shannon. Thank you so much Shannon!"

Karen Townsend
Allen, Tx

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