A New Home for the Brinkleys!

A New Home for the Brinkleys!

The Brinkley's have moved from Austin, Tx across the country to Northern Virginia! This is where Matt (my husband and business partner) grew up. We moved here to be closer to Matt's parents, and are loving it! Especially right now as so many bulbs and trees are blossoming; it's a beautiful and auspicious time for a fresh start!

This isn't our new home, just one of the lovely historic buildings in this ridiculously charming Colonial town. 


Davin enjoying this spectacular magnolia!

I think daffodils have to be the most joyful of flowers. As someone who grew up in Texas, they feel like such a delightful novelty, and I'm LOVING seeing them all over town.


We're staying in an Air B&B while we close on and renovate our new house. We were only in town for 2 weeks before we found and snagged the most darling house that we can't wait to move into, but needs a little TLC before we do.


We're also finalizing negotiations on a beautiful space to house the Shannon Brinkley Studio! It is walking distance from our home and in a great spot, PLUS is a beautiful old Victorian home that was a hotel in the 1800s. It has tall ceilings, crown molding, and a kitchen for my fabric dyeing! 


I can't wait to spread out and make this as functional and creative a space as possible. So leave a comment below with your best studio organization tips and tricks and we'll give you a peak behind the scenes and share lots of photos as we set up our new studio space

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Tip for studio- If you have to move something to get to something it won’t stay as tidy.
Tip for new area- crank up the B vitamin in the summer and the mosquitos will leave you alone. We start this 3 days before we go back to visit family in Ohio.

Cheri Heinecke

No tips, just want to say welcome to Virginia! I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in the would! Leesburg is quite charming. Enjoy your new adventure!

Norma B Dempsey

How exciting!! We will miss y’all here in Texas but can’t wait to see pictures of your new places, I love old homes and buildings!! Congratulations 🎉

Rhonda Lynch

Thrilled you are now in my neck of the woods. I live in Richmond, Va and look forward to visiting or even taking classes in the future (near or far.) My only tip, because I use a corner of my large bedroom, is organize in a way that fits you (i.e. single color , or prints, often used tools, fav tools, occasional use tools.

Linda Roane

Welcome to the area. I also hope you will offer classes once you have your studio space complete. I live in Walkersville, MD right outside of Frederick so you are not far at all. Thank you so much for sharing all the info on quilting. I am fairly new and learning to quilt so I find all your info quite helpful. Blessings to you and your family!

Celeste LaJoie

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