A New Home for the Brinkleys!

The Brinkley's have moved from Austin, Tx across the country to Northern Virginia! This is where Matt (my husband and business partner) grew up. We moved here to be closer to Matt's parents, and are loving it! Especially right now as so many bulbs and trees are blossoming; it's a beautiful and auspicious time for a fresh start!

This isn't our new home, just one of the lovely historic buildings in this ridiculously charming Colonial town. 


Davin enjoying this spectacular magnolia!

I think daffodils have to be the most joyful of flowers. As someone who grew up in Texas, they feel like such a delightful novelty, and I'm LOVING seeing them all over town.


We're staying in an Air B&B while we close on and renovate our new house. We were only in town for 2 weeks before we found and snagged the most darling house that we can't wait to move into, but needs a little TLC before we do.


We're also finalizing negotiations on a beautiful space to house the Shannon Brinkley Studio! It is walking distance from our home and in a great spot, PLUS is a beautiful old Victorian home that was a hotel in the 1800s. It has tall ceilings, crown molding, and a kitchen for my fabric dyeing! 


I can't wait to spread out and make this as functional and creative a space as possible. So leave a comment below with your best studio organization tips and tricks and we'll give you a peak behind the scenes and share lots of photos as we set up our new studio space

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  • Being a historical re-enactor I travel to Virginia every year! Colonial Williamsburg is a favorite. We begin construction on our addition soon, which will include a sewing studio for me.

    Lisa Hrinko
  • Get rid of the ironing board and make yourself an ironing station. Mine is right next to my machine. It’s short enough that I can use it for a quick pressing while building a block, but tall enough that I’m forced to stand to give the block/quilt a really good pressing. Makes me stand up to keep the blood flowing. Enjoy your new space!

    Dianne McDonnell
  • Shannon, I wish you and your husband best of luck in your new environment. What an adventure!

    I am learning so much from your school, classes and posts. I love it here. Thank you for sharing yourself and your talents so generously.

    Marilyn Debelius

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