Family Placemats DIY

Family Placemats DIY

The season for big family meals is approaching! How fun are these personalized family placemats?

These are quick to whip up, and instantly make any table more lovely and welcoming. We love ours over at the Brinkley house, and my mother has already hinted that she'd like a set of her own in time for the holidays (I better get sewing!)

These are a hit.

My free Lettering Applique Pattern has full traceable fonts with instructions, so you can add anyone's name!

       Get Your Free Lettering Pattern Here  


Personalized Family Placemats

Finished Size 14.5" x 12" (or desired size) 


Makes 6 placemats

  • Lettering Applique Pattern (it's free) 
  • Fabric + fusible web for applique pieces (see lettering pattern for requirements)
  • background fabric - 1 yd 
  • backing - 1 yd 
  • binding - 3/4 yd (for 2.5" binding strips)
  • batting - 1 yd of 42" batting


  1.  Cut your background fabric into 6 (or desired number of placemats) 15" x 13" pieces (feel free to cut them larger or smaller depending on your table and preference).
  2.  Make, apply, and sew on your appliqué pieces (see appliqué lettering pattern for instructions). I placed the names in the bottom right, so the plates wouldn't totally cover them up, but you can play around with the placement of the names or initials.
  3. I like to quilt all my placemats at the same time, so I cut one large backing and batting piece (each about 36" x 42"), and quilted them all together. You could also cut 6 different batting and background pieces 6" wider than your top pieces, if you prefer to quilt them separately.
  4. Make your quilt sandwich, baste, and quilt as desired. See diagram below for how I made my quilt sandwich so I could quilt them all together. 
  5. Cut apart your individual placemats, squaring them off. Mine finished at 14.5" x 12" each.
  6. Bind. 
  7. Give a good press, then set your lovely table!


Modification Ideas 

  • Instead of names, you could add a monogram, either individual family members' monograms or your family's last name initial.
  • These would make great housewarming gifts! 
  •  If you have kids/grandkids, maybe let them pick out the fabric that their name will be cut out of. 
  • You could use felt or wool for the appliqué pieces if you don't want to satin stitch (since the edges won't fray), a straight stitch around the edges would hold them down well enough.
  • Use animal applique pieces instead of names (all my animal patterns include mini templates). 
  • Use the skyline of where everyone is from instead of names (all my pdf skyline patterns have mini templates). 
  • Go crazy and make matching monogramed napkins!


I hope you and your family adore your placemats and enjoy lots of wonderful meals together on them. 

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Thank you so much for this tutorial! I made the letters a bit smaller and used them on Christmas stockings for my family. I am
so happy with how they turned out.


thank you!! It’s a very good idea!!


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