Tea Towels / Napkin DIY

Tea Towels / Napkin DIY

Shannon Brinkley Studio is completely powered by tea. I drink it all day long. I have dozens of different teas to choose from and so many beautiful mugs -- I'm a sucker for a beautiful mug, they make me so happy. What else could possibly enhance this lovely tea experience? An adorable tea towel, that's what. 
These guys are quick and just too adorable. I love giving these as gifts -- they make great hostess, house warming, or teacher gifts!

Appliqué Tea Towel / Napkin


  • Applique Pattern of your choice (all my pdf patterns include mini templates, check out my pattern shop or grab one of my free appliqué templates)
  •  Materials for applique piece (see applique pattern for requirements)
  • ¾ yd fabric for tea towel (makes 2)
  • Thread that coordinates with the appliqué piece (for satin stitching)

  • Thread that matches the tea towel fabric (for hemming) 


  1.  Cut the tea towel fabric into two approximately 27” x 22” pieces.
  2. Hem. Along the long sides, fold each edge ½” towards the wrong side and press, then fold over ½” more, press and pin.
  3. Using the matching thread, sew a 3/8” seam along both sides.
  4. Repeat for the short sides.
  5. Make the appliqué piece (according to the appliqué pattern instructions).
  6. Position, fuse/pin, and satin stitch the applique piece. Done! Tea time. 



Alright, my dear. Go crazy and whip up a few of these -- I always make extra so I can have cute little gifts on hand! 

What appliqué piece do you think would be cute on one of these? 


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Oh…Shannon! You are so gifted, & I’m so in love with your concept & designs & fonts are so fresh & beautiful. On a tea towel, pot holder, apron. A mug or cup of Jo! A BBQ Grill, or Pig.
A Place Setting. Or Cup & Saucer. A Rooster would be pretty in your style. I can’t wait to see what you create next!

Peggy Brewer

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