How to Make a Design Wall

How to Make a Design Wall

One of the most helpful tools in a quilter's studio is the Design Wall.

With a design wall, you no longer need to clear large amounts of floor space to lay out your quilt blocks, hoping your family or pets don't step on them.  Instead, your quilt blocks gets the special treatment they deserve!

I love having a design wall to help me determine layout, to make sure everything is right where I want it before I sew everything together. It's so helpful to be able to step back and evaluate placement at eye level.

But how do you make a design wall?

It is so quick and simple! Let me take you inside my studio and share how easily I made mine.  

A great design wall makes such a difference!

All you'll need is:

  • Foam Insulation board from your local hardware or big box store
  • Batting or Flannel, enough to wrap your board
  • Duct tape
  • Nails to hang your board (optional)

Soon you'll be able to step back and admire your quilts!

Studio Design Wall

I'd love to hear from you! Do you have a Design Wall? What do you love about it?


P.S. If you're eyeing the quilts on my design wall and wondering how to make them, you can get access to my Portrait Quilting workshop inside Meander. Learn how here.

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What type of quilt batt works the best on this design wall. I have decided to make one like you did. I Used a cotton batt on my 1st wall but over the yrs. it has stretched.
Or did you use. Denser batt.
Thanks for the instructions as I quilt year round and sell them from my home. Suzanne.

Suzanne Brinton

Love the idea of using just the batting on the Foam board. I believe I will do that. Thank you!

Barb Thole

This is a great idea! I am moving house in the near future, and will definitely set this up is the new home. Thanks very much for the tip!


My design wall is the same construction (4’ X 4’). I use my dead (used) machine needles to pin items on it when necessary. Between projects, I sometimes pin up a piece of fabric that I love…just for inspiration.


Nice idea

Denise Lerma

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