How to Add a Pop of Color

How to Add a Pop of Color

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite methods to add a pop of color to your quilt: it's called the Print Pop!


Let's say you know you want to make a mostly orange quilt, but you want to add a pop of color somewhere, but would like it to be subtle...

Enter the Print Pop!


Grab a bunch of oranges, like I've done below (mono-chromatic, tone-on-tone, blender prints work great), maybe also add a solid or two.

Next grab a print that has orange in it, but also has other colors as well!

The pop of color (in this case pink and green) comes from your print: The Print Pop!


The Print Pop is a simple and subtle way to add that fun pop of color and interest to your quilt, and one I use time and time again. 

Notice how, with the other orange fabrics, I also played with scale: I included a small, medium, and larger-scaled print. This variety also adds a lot of interest and balance in your print palette. 


Give this a go -- start with a single color and grab some "blender" prints of that color, then find a print that is multi-colored, but includes your original color! Leave a comment below to let us know how it goes!


If you'd like to dive deeper into color, we have a full Color Curriculum inside Meander. It will take you from unsure or insecure with color to a master! Click here to learn more!


Do you have a favorite way to add a pop of color? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Mary! I still have that book “Color me Beautiful”. It’s so good. I’m a summer also, but my mom was a winter. I always wondered why her shirts never worked for me when I was in high school. My quilt fabrics are mostly summer and spring!


I am drawn to the summer palette. About 40 years ago, there was a book called “Color Me Beautiful”. People’s colors were divided by seasons with that book, also. True to form, I am a Summer. I just looked at my stash and it holds true there also. :)

Mary E Liscombe

Really like all the suggestions. I havent been quilting long ,so lots to learn

Marilyn Guimond

Hi. How important is fabric texture? For instance, would a bit of heavy flannel, or fleece, “Mess up” a collage made up of mostly of cottons? Also, do you recommend pre-washing? What about fabrics such as Thai silk? Are colors bleeding the only real issue? Thank you.

Margaret Bly

I always like to add a multi-coloured fabric like a floral or a plaid which includes the colours of my colour palette. By the way, do you know what fabric line the floral you featured is from? It looks like a Kaffe Fassett fabric or an old Heather Bailey fabric. (It would be perfect for a quilt I’m making!)

Z Kazmi

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