Skyline Throw Pillows DIY

Skyline Throw Pillows DIY

I started noticing a pattern among some of my students-- many were turning their skyline quilt top into a throw pillow! So I thought I'd share a few submitted by some of my students. This project makes for a really great accent piece on your couch or bed, as well as an amazing and personalized gift. 

I have over 100 different skyline patterns in my shop, so there are plenty of cities to choose from! 

All of my patterns include multiple sizes, which means there are lots of project possibilities! The small or medium sized template is ideal for these pillows, and you can make them whatever size you'd like by cutting the background to the desired size or by adding a border(s). You can use this tutorial for the pillow construction. 

Here is a look at 3 different quilters' take on the Skyline Throw Pillow. 

1. Seattle Skyline Pillow made by DudeStartsQuilting

He added a top and bottom border for some extra interest and size. 

"Ever since I saw the scrappy skyline of a friend of mine a scrappy applique project was way up there on my to-do-list. I usually don't sew a lot of things for myself so when I got an invitation to a living room show in Berlin (Germany) from one of my favorite singer songwriters (Rocky Votolato) it was the chance to try it out and learn some new skills.

I bought the pdf pattern from Rocky's Hometown and started preparing my fabrics with Mistyfuse. At this point I wasn't quite sure what the skyline eventually would become (so many, pillow, table runner), so I just used the middle sized pattern and went with it. The preparation of the fabric and the ironing of the pieces onto the layout were sooo easy and made up for the cutting-out-part of the skyline ;o). I decided to make the skyline a pillow....after need a good nap to be almost constantly on tour in other countries and playing a show six nights of the week....and I want him to come back to europe as soon as possible...right?

So I... went to him after the show and gave him the pillow (I almost backed out of my plan but my brother pushed me a bit)...And he really liked it...even invited me and my wife to another show of his he played later on his tour somewhere near my hometown. I'm not sure if you meant this with "share your experiences"...but...yeah...these were least the ones I keep in memory of doing one of your scrappy appliqué skylines." DudeStartsQuilting

2. Fort Worth Skyline Pillows by Mommylob

She quilted this first one and left the second one unquilted. 

Looks like she added a skinny border or a flange before adding the larger border to make it the size she wanted. She also embroidered the city name in the bottom left corner.

"I took your online video class and learned how to scrappy appliqué for the first time and loved it. You also came to the Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild and taught a workshop which made me love it more. These Fort Worth skyline pillows are just two that I have made and have given to friends." mommylob

3. Cincinnati/Salt Lake City Skyline Pillow by anonymous

Cincinnati side

Salt Lake City side. The map fabric for the background is really neat. She decided to keep the skyline one piece of fabric (making it really look like a silhouette) rather than making it scrappy. 

"My daughter recently graduated from University of Cincinnati. She is now moving to Salt Lake City to be with her fiancé. This pillow depicts the two cities that she has grown to love. I used the medium size template. I cut off many of the small details, then stitched them back in when I machine-stitched around the outline. I had some trepidation about doing the stitching, but it actually was not hard and went very well. I'm very pleased with the results and this pattern." (quilter didn't provide her/his name)


Since all the patterns include multiple sizes, you could also make the skyline into a wall hanging... 

Or a lap/bed quilt... 

Quilt by JennyG. I love how she used the color blocks for the background -- seems obvious, but I've never thought to make a background for these skylines like this! It makes it easy to enlarge it to whatever height you'd like. 


Quilt by Chellesquilts. She shares about this quilt in a really inspiring article on her blog. Learn to make the simple strip pieced background, here


Or turn it into a Row Quilt!

The possibilities are endless, and with over 100 different skylines to choose from, you can make it super special and personalized. 



Have you made a Scrappy Appliqué quilt? Share your experience and photos here to be featured in our Student Gallery and get a free pattern!

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I am very intrigued by your scrappy skyline quilts. I love the one with the London Eye, but my question is how do you cut out those small details from the fabric?? It looks tricky.

Charlotte Sather

Thank you Shannon for showing off my Fort Worth Skyline Pillows. I have made six of them in various colors and everyone loves them. I am also making one to put in our 2018 Fort Worth Modern Quilt Guild QuiltCon Charity quilt. You make it so easy and you are a truly a great designer!

Jeanne Lobsinger

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